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Roots that Run Deep in Fintech

We are one of the most successful fintech software development companies in the world having built three unicorns from scratch: LendingClub, Upgrade and Dianrong.


Meet our pioneering founders

Alex Gonikman
Soul Htite
Agustín Sánchez

Three Fintech Unicorns Later

Time to Market
Time to Market

Our software product development process is proven to keep projects on track and delivered on time. We hit the ground running following your consultation.

Production: 3-6 Months

Sprint Demo
User Acceptance Testing
Production Development
Product Delivered
Industry Knowledge
Industry Knowledge

From our fintech pioneer leaders to our senior engineers and business analysts, we offer critical expertise specific to your sector.

Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Digital BankingDigital Banking
Marketplace LendingMarketplace Lending
Real EstateReal Estate
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformations

We accelerate business processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities in your industry.

Underwriting / Prequalification
Digital Marketing / Prescreen
Backend / CRM
Servicing / Collections
Data Visualization / Dashboards
Account Opening
Loan Origination
API Integrations
Salesforce Platform Development
Our services include consultation through implementation

Location Matters

San Francisco

Headquartered in San Francisco, USA

We’re in the heart of fintech innovation: Silicon Valley.

The epicenter to all things tech and disruption, San Francisco is currently home to 200+ fintech companies. As our homebase for over 20 years, we’ve established a network of innovative minds and investors to share with our clients.

Buenos Aires

Development Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of the fastest-growing tech hubs in Latin America.

Argentina is not only home to the Amazon of Latin America, Mercado Libre, but also to free public education making its population one of the most educated in the world and graduating thousands of engineers each year. With high rates of English fluency and similar time zones to the US, our communication is always seamless.

Executive Offices

Strategic locations in technology hubs and investment centers

New York City
New York City
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Media Summary

TrueNorth is one of the most successful fintech software development companies in the world having built three fintech unicorns from scratch: LendingClub, Upgrade and Dianrong. The company specializes in building digital solutions, including 45 original enterprises, 120 digital transformations and 40 product revamps.

TrueNorth’s unique Team Captain client-focused process enables its most senior engineers to navigate and apply the latest technologies to develop cutting-edge digital solutions for neobanks, banks, credit unions, payment companies, lending firms, wealth management firms, and insurance companies. More recently, TrueNorth has expanded its expertise into additional mission critical industries including healthcare and education.

CEO Alex Gonikman, a veteran software architect, leads a staff of more than 130 employees with headquarters in San Francisco, a development center in Buenos Aires, Argentina and strategic offices in New York City.

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